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Know Thy Juice!

Let’s face it. It’s pretty easy these days to walk into a grocery store and find lots of juices on the shelves. Seems like everyday there’s a new brand popping up. Some with pretty fancy labels and exotic names. Then there are the juice bars that make their juices to order with a countertop juicer, and might not even use organic produce. So, with all the juice choices at your disposal, how do you select the freshest, most nutritious?
Enter Juice on Main

We’re Organic.
You’re trying to do something good for yourself by drinking juice. And we commend you for that. But if you’re not drinking organic fruits and veggies, you could be doing more harm than good. The simple fact is that non-organic produce is laced with potentially toxic chemicals, pesticides, dyes, and other undesirable agents. Pretty disturbing. We wouldn’t feel good about ourselves if we served you anything but organic juice. You deserve the best, and we’re here to provide it for you. Plain and simple.

We’re Raw, Non HPP
The juices at the grocery stores are processed in order to comply with FDA regulations, which means they’re not raw. As a result, they could have been made up to 45 days in advance. Yuck! Our juices, on the other hand, are raw. The way Mother Nature intended. With a shelf life of only three days, they’re guaranteed fresh, with all the enzymes and nutrients intact. Don’t settle for less.

We’re Cold Pressed
We make our organic juice in small batches of 25 lbs., resulting in as much as five pounds of fruits and vegetables in every bottle. How is this possible? By cold pressing. Our X-1 commercial  juicer uses thousands of pounds of hydraulic pressure to squeeze the maximum amount of nutrients out of the ground-up nectar. The result is a nutritiously superior juice, which is quickly assimilated into the bloodstream with very little digestive effort.

We like to summarize the quality of our juice in two words: Pure Goodness. And we think you’ll agree.