About Us

We believe everyone deserves the best nutrition possible. Starting Juice on Main has given us the amazing opportunity to provide a superior selection of organic, plant-based, whole-food juices, smoothies and other healthy food options. We’ll continue to innovate, educate and expand our offerings as more and more people realize the importance of incorporating organic, whole foods into their diets. It’s truly an honor and pleasure to serve each and every one of you.

To your health,
John and Lori

John Coppolino

Esq., Co-Founder

After practicing law at my own firm for many years, I was ready for a change. Health challenges over the years were leading me down the road to more holistic approach to health, with the incorporation of a clean, organic diet at its cornerstone. My desire to find a new career, and help others live healthy, nutritiously superior lives, were the driving forces behind my decision to start Juice on Main. I’ve always relished the challenges and ensuing rewards of being an entrepreneur, and am thrilled to have had the opportunity to watch Juice on Main grow and have such positive influences in the communities we serve.

Lori A. DeLang

Certified Nutrition Consultant,
Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University

I am truly passionate about helping others on their journey to better health. My own health challenges led me to make drastic dietary changes, paying extra attention to healing from the inside-out. In 2003, I opened Inner Health Colon Hydrotherapy in Mansfield, pioneering and leading the local colonics field. During my 12-plus years, I was fortunate to have learned from and help so many amazing clients. Juice on Main provides me with the awesome opportunity to apply my knowledge in both nutrition and cleansing. It’s so rewarding to see people of all ages, especially kids, enjoy our organic juice and smoothies.

I am always happy and available to assist anyone with questions about improving their health, in particular as it relates to nutrition and digestive health.